Recent graduate software developer specialized in web development



ReactBlogApp is a CRUD code blog web-app with Markdown Editor. I've wanted to contribute to the open-source community and share what I have studied and learned with code examples and images.


#WebApp #React


Image Scrap Book is a Chrome extension from which a user can select an image on a site. Logging in to the service website will show the user's saved images, which can also be titled, tagged or deleted and shared with others. The user can also share images in link format e.g. ''


#ChromeExtension #javaScript #Django

CryptoCurrency Analytics

Cryptocurrency Analytics is a web-app and tool to forecast the crypto currency market by looking at the pricing trends and following articles in response to the price changes. I've wanted Cryptocurrency investors to look at the pricing trends and articles generated from major news companies such as Reuters, CNN, WSJ.


#WebApp #javaScript #Django


hashtagNYU is a web-app for students at New York University to see NYU communities at Twitter. I've wanted to see how and what people talk about NYU on Twitter. But, I found it hard to find it at once. So hashtagNYU was created to show the contents of Tweets regarding NYU and show the stastics regarding NYU tweets.


#WebApp #React #Django